Lesser known features of the columnar database

A columnar database is not new per se; however, for some strange reason, not many businesses have been able to unleash its potential, and make the most of it. Perhaps these businesses are not well-versed with the nuances of this database, and are yet to discover its benefits. In the wake of these events, it is important that these businesses are familiarized with some of the important features which can help them in making an informed decision. Some of these features are given below:

· Quintessential for BI reports – Believe it or not but a columnar database can do wonders for those businesses that are looking forward to prepare a canned BI report. In fact, many experts suggest that if used sensibly, these can form the basis of almost any kind of analysis.

· Gives birth to efficient I/O – Contrary to popular belief, this storage technique often results in an efficient I/O. By and large, the efficiency comes into the picture when a lesser number of attributes are involved.

· Suitable for different industries –If experts are to be believed, almost all types of businesses and industries can benefit from this this storage technique. In other words, it can prove to be highly beneficial for telecommunications, retail, financial services, and similar industry verticals.

· Simple to use – Unlike its conventional counterparts, this storage technique requires minimal DBA effort; in other words, it is quite simple to use. Moreover, it can be easily used without making any changes to the existing applications and queries.

· Ideal for analytics platform – This storage technique compresses the data, thereby making it possible for a business to store a large amount of data in the same footprint.Allegedly, it is this compression that allows a business to possibly reduce the price-per-terabyte, and analyze the data at a faster speed.

· Improves the performance – Believe it or not but this database reads only the requisite data for each query, and by doing so it improves the performance of the data warehouse.

· Results in faster response – This database allows a business to respond to a larger number of queries in a faster manner whilst ensuring that a huge amount of data can be stored.

· Ideal for big data management –Contrary to popular belief, this storage technique makes data management a cakewalk. In fact, its advanced architecture provides a business with a highly comprehensive and ready-to-use environment. This environment can prove to be highly beneficial for analytics platform as it is known to help a business in confronting the relevant challenges.