Helping Small Business Build Links

Even small local businesses can get the most from link building by using social networking to their advantage and building relationships with the right contacts.

Link building is one of the most successful SEO tools that SEO services have to offer. Every business can benefit from link building no matter how small your business may be or even if your business focuses solely on local SEO.

This blog is for the small businesses that can still benefit from strong link building no matter how far their business or their services may stretch.

Use Social Networking

Even local SEO strategies encourage businesses to use social networking. Most large businesses use social networking for link building with customers across the world, but honestly, small businesses have the best advantage when using social networking. Small businesses and local businesses have a better way to connect with customers, which is why they should use their relationship building skills for successful back linking.

If you own a small store inside of a small town, you probably personally know every customer and their cousins. Since majority of the population seems to use Facebook, reach out to your local community and build solid relationships with them.

The stronger the customer relationship, the more success you are going to have with people building links to direct to your companies website.

It's Who You Know

To elaborate a little more on building relationships, it is also important for businesses to develop the relationships with the right kind of people. Your business is going to get a greater response from link building, by building relationships with customers and potential customers who can truly benefit from your business and the content on your pages. With strong content being passed through the right hands, you will be surprised how much change you will see in your business in a day.

This may seem a bit confusing to some, but it is simple really, if you are a small town business, building a relationship with a mayor or government official is going to spread the word about your business through connections compared to the old lady who comes in for coffee everyday.

Share Other Content

This step is almost like the golden rule, only applied to local SEO. Instead of do unto others, its more do for others what you would want others to do for you. You can create successful links by sharing content of other businesses and adding value to their content. You are not only shining the light on other businesses, but you are giving them the initiative to do the same for your business.

If you help spread the word about them, they will want to help spread the word about you. But make sure when you share content; you are adding some sort of value to the content. Adding value to content is simple really, its more a matter of showing that you benefited from the information and were willing to share your opinion with the world around you.

Every business can benefit from building links through local SEO. Even the smallest businesses can have big results from using SEO services and all the SEO tools these services have to offer.

Robert has been researching and writing about local SEO for the past 5 years in hopes to educate small local businesses that even they can benefit from SEO services and tools.