A Home Improvement Project

Learn the different things you can do to your home which add value. Forget about adding a pool, it won't hold the investment you have to spend to have one installed. The best laces to look are your bathroom and kitchen, after to upgrade those rooms next would be the bedrooms. Like adding another one or two depending the demand in your area? You can find this out by asking your local realtor.

Fixing up your home can be fun and often times very profitable even when you're only doing a few easy home improvement projects. Home improvement projects can improve the look and value of your home dramatically. Many of us avoid home improvement projects due to their expense. And it can become expensive! Do your homework and you should not experience any surprises!

There are many things to ask yourself when looking to increase the value of your home through home improvement projects. One of the neat tricks you can do when creating some easy home improvement projects is to add some trim around the top of your ceiling. Like crown molding, which really enriches the beauty of any home.

After you have decided on and planned for your first home improvement projects, new window coverings and upgraded flooring should receive attention along with Interior painting and exterior painting. Also, at Home Depot they have a section of books on literally any home improvement projects you can imagine. Leave the landscaping for the end, this would be your final step.

Also, you will want to be practical when deciding on your home improvement! You can very easily waste money, where money is not needed. For example, If your fence is in dire need of repair, don't think that by painting it you will hide the real problem. You need a new fence, period!

Here are some things to think about before you say go!
1) Does your home improvement project add space, function or added benefits to the area?
2) Does the home improvement project make the area more attractive, not only to you but to others?
3) Does the home improvement project make significant positive changes to the home?

Each of these things is something to take into consideration. Unfortunately, many homeowners don't properly plan ahead, don't have the budget to cover the costs and re-mortgage their homes or take out other home improvement loans to help.

Many landscaping projects can be done throughout the year but it can be easier and more enjoyable during the summer. Families that have allergies or respiratory problems should be careful about what chemicals may have been used in the manufacture of finished products. Allowing problems to remain increases the risk of damage to your house.

Some people use home improvement as a creative outlet, and if it makes you happy then go for it! I personally enjoy making repairs around the house knowing the job is getting done right! But, if that isn't your cup of tea, then once go with a professional, you should get multiple quotes before making your choice of who to use. The fact is that home improvement debts are easily avoided by simple planning.

Once all the work is completed you will be very happy with the end results of all your hard work.

Steps To Choosing Top Living Room Décor

When it comes to decorating a home, there are at least a thousand different things to take into consideration. Not only do you have to think about the way each room will be used, but you also need to consider the cost of supplies and furniture, whether you will do the work yourself or pay a professional, how long you intend to live in the home, and the ages and interests of the people in your household, among many other things. The decoration of a home and a living room will vary significantly depending on the personalities and situations of the homeowners and their family members. As you embark on the project of designing a living room, there are certain steps that you must take and certain aspects that you must consider.


One of the most defining aspects of home décor are the colors that are used. Generally, there are certain colors that are considered to be the height of style. These colors can change from season to season, but generally the most stylish colors will stay popular for several years. If you are the type of person who likes to always be at the forefront of style in home furnishings, you may consider choosing furniture that is somewhat neutral, and use throw pillows and other decorations to add splashes of color. Smaller items are often less expensive and easier to replace when it comes time to redecorate again in the future.

Fireplace Design

If you have a fireplace in your living room, it can be one of the focal points of the room. The fireplace and hearth can be made of different materials. Marble, stone, brick, and wood are some of the most popular. When you look through the different fireplace and hearth choices, you will see that the same type of material can be used differently to create a variety of styles. When you select your fireplace, you can choose one that is specifically tailored to the design scheme that you like, or you can choose one that is somewhat more general in nature and that will go well with several different home decorating trends.

If you have a fireplace, you may also choose a mantel. The mantel can be made out of the same material as the hearth, or a different material. It can be a large mantel, that will hold decorative pieces, or it can be smaller, and have a picture or mirror hung above it. The fireplace in a living room can really set the stage for the entire composition of the room.


When it comes to decorating a living room, the details can make or break the whole look of the room. It is important to make sure that you think of the different functions that the room will have. Will it be a place to sit and chat with guests? Is it a place where your family can gather and enjoy the warmth of the fire? How formal do you want this room to be? As you answer these questions, you can make design choices that will ensure that your living room is not only attractive, but that it also fits the needs of your family.

Hiring a Carpenter For Your Next Home Improvement Project

A carpenter's skills and knowledge can be invaluable when you are thinking about your next home improvement project. The number one home improvement project is probably remodeling a room. This often involves either moving walls or knocking them down completely to change the shape and usefulness of the room. Consulting with a good carpenter before starting the home improvement project can give you some feedback about the best way to accomplish your desired outcome. In addition, the carpenter can give suggestions from a professional view that can help you to utilize the space in a better way to meet your needs more efficiently.

Another popular house improvement project, particularly for growing families, is adding a room. This option will need the services of a carpenter in order to be successful. A carpenter should be consulted before any work is started. A carpenter will have the skills and knowledge to make a material list and an estimate of the time involved. This will also enable the carpenter to give you an approximate bid for completing the house improvement project.

If you are contemplating a kitchen remodel as a home improvement project, obtaining the services of a carpenter are in order here as well. You might think you need the services of a carpenter if you need to build additional counter space or knock down a wall to make the kitchen bigger. However, if you want a truly unique kitchen, a carpenter can build custom cabinets that fit both your home and your decorative tastes.

A deck is another popular house improvement project. A carpenter will be able to make quick work of an average sized deck. It can usually a weekend project and can be completed within two or three days. Where a carpenter will really shine, however, is when a deck is more complicated. A project that would take a person unskilled in carpentry work two weeks, can be completed by a carpenter in just a few days.

Garages are another favored house improvement project. This type of home improvement project, as most house improvements do, will help to increase the value of your home exponentially. A garage is an often requested item when people are wanting to purchase a house. Many carpenters are also skilled at roofing. Replacing the roof is a home improvement job that is recommended to be completed about every ten years or so, depending on the conditions in the area of the country you live, the age of your house, and the type of shingles you have.

Building a covered porch is a home improvement project that can give you all the benefits of a deck with the conveniences of having a covered outdoor space in which do entertain or relax. This is also a job that a carpenter can undertake with ease. From ordering the materials list to treating the decking boards if they are untreated to tacking up the screening, this is one home improvement project that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Decorating Your House With Indoor Lighting

Homeowners are always looking for brand new ways to add zest and appeal to their homes. While many people would like to improve the interior design of their house, most are simply can not do so due to the high cost of hiring a contractor and having major remodeling done. There are many simple and yet still inexpensive changes that don't demand a contractor, that your home can usually benefit from. Indoor lighting might be a great way to add some decorative touches inside the house and not spend a fortune doing so.

A lot of people do not understand that the choice of lights can really influence the look of the home. Light fixtures come in a variety of fabulous designs and models that you can incorporate into every room in your home. This can include chandeliers for the kitchen or dining room, or wall sconces and elaborate pendants for the family area or personal bedrooms. Whatever you current lighting situation is, you could always change them to complement the interior of your home to something more classic, contemporary or whatever accommodates your personal preferences. There are many ornate and streamlined designs that you can purchase, so you have nearly limitless options you can use.

Aside from the stylish design of light fixtures, you want to take the functional aspect into consideration. The right kind of lighting can alter the ambiance and mood within the room. You can modify brightness or the concentration of light in an region just by simply changing a bulb. With the right lighting you can make your home feel more comfortable and inviting, particularly when you constantly have visitors over this may be a large benefit for you. The right kind of lighting can certainly work in harmony with your furnishings. You can also find more imaginative functions for your light fixtures. You can use the lighting to shine in a certain direction if you are displaying a painting on the wall or china on the dining table. This is usually done with the use of spotlights and is ideal for luring the gaze of visitors and guests to the object that the light is fixed upon. While this is most commonly an approach used in museums and galleries, homeowners can use this technique as well.

Home improvement can be expensive and is something that often calls for a huge cash outlay. If your budget can't support an undertaking this big, it might be wise to consider changing simple decor items in your home, which can really enhance the overall look. Light fixtures provide an affordable means to give your home a different kind of look without the expense associated with major improvements. In addition, it provides homeowners with a whole new set of options in how objects around the house can be strategically arranged.

You can change the atmosphere in your by using lights in a certain way. Most light fixtures are fairly cheap and can be purchased at any hardware store. They are easy to install though some models may require installation by an electrician. However, they are not like tiles or wallpaper that require professional installation and might mean heavy labor costs. By altering your indoor lighting, you can change the appearance of your home while not having to resort to extensive remodeling work that can cost you an arm and a leg.

A More Creative Approach To Interior Design

When you're making changes to your own home, it's likely that you have a number of key considerations in mind. You may have your own personal preferences, but you may also be mindful of the opinions of other family members. There's also likely to be some degree of thinking about those who may be visiting your home.

I always think that it's a reasonable idea to start by thinking about an individual room and what you are trying to achieve. What do you have in mind for this room? Is it a space where you are planning on entertaining guests? It may be a more private space that will largely be reserved for family members.

By setting out what you are looking to achieve, you can give yourself some clear objectives. These may define many of the other decisions that you are about to make. I do, however, feel that it's possible to go too far. It's easy to imagine that rooms that will be used for entertaining should be more formal, or more suited to dinner parties and adult guests.

My own experience would suggest that it's actually nice to see some personal touches. If you have children and are proud of your family life, then I don't see any reason why you shouldn't put that life on display. It seems a shame to hide away such an important element of life. Take the time to really make the most of what you can offer.

I also think that there is a danger of making cautious choices. This is a really easy trap to fall into, particularly if you are a regular viewer of property television shows. What is the problem that is faced in this situation?

One of the main issues that I have with such shows is that they almost always appear to focus on the buying and selling of homes. In a sense, they could almost be defined as being about property investment. For most of us, however, the reality is that we use properties as spaces in which to live. We are trying to really make a home.

If you are looking to sell a property, then it may well make a lot of sense to use neutral colours and to create a space that will appeal to many people. The problem is that such an approach to interior design can lead to rather boring outcomes. Don't be afraid to add a splash of colour, or to make bold statements.

If you see a piece of art, for example, that you like, then why not buy it and place it within your own home? Some people may not like it, but it's your home and it's right that you should be the person making the decisions. Don't hold back. You'll find that it's much more rewarding to make creative choices that allow you to really make your mark on the home.

Enhance Your Home Design Style With Blinds And Shades

Selecting a window treatment for your home or business can be one of the most challenging aspects of interior design. The trick is choosing treatments that meet your need with both simplicity and style. Blinds and shades are versatile window coverings that offer many advantages. They allow you to dress windows for a clean, uncluttered look while controlling for the ideal amount of light and privacy.

Blinds and shades can also be used to accentuate and enhance different design styles. Although there are no right or wrong ways to use these classic window treatments, here are some design considerations that will help you achieve functionality while maintaining a cohesive décor style in any room.

For living room or common areas: These are high-traffic areas that often serve as design focal points, so it's worth investing in beautiful and functional window treatments. For a clean or elegant look, wooden or faux wood blinds in a dark finish imbue a space with timeless sophistication. Lighter finishes can provide a more modern or rustic appearance, depending on your overall decor. Common areas are also a good place to install blended window treatments. Roman or roller shades can be paired with drapes for a sleek, stylish and modern display. In this example, shades provide a second layer of color, pattern and texture that can add a pop of color and visual interest to a window treatment. Hang drapes above the window to frame shades and add additional height to the room.

For the kitchen: The kitchen is the heart of any home, and as such it's important to choose window coverings that create a pleasant ambiance and block harsh outdoor light when needed. For look that can be alternately modern or vintage, use Roman shades to put the finishing design touch on your kitchen decor. Today's selection of fabric patterns - ranging from pretty and playful to sumptuous and elegant - offers myriad design options. You can even embellish neutral-colored shades with trim or contrast binding to accent kitchen decor. Faux wood blinds also work well in kitchen areas. They instantly add a touch of warmth and help create an inviting atmosphere and they’re easy to wipe and dust, which makes them a good option for this busy part of the home.

For the bedroom: Create a private sanctuary with Venetian blinds, which come in a variety of colors, textures and materials. These classic window-covering features slatted, overlapping horizontal blinds that can be adjusted to meet your need for light and privacy. Wooden blinds offer polish, and depending on the grain, can accommodate traditional, country and rustic décor styles. Aluminum blinds, on the other hand, can imbue your bedroom with a contemporary or minimalist look and are easy on the budget.

For the bathroom: Humid conditions require high quality window treatments that can withstand constant exposure to moisture. A good choice for the bathroom is faux wood blinds, which are made from durable composite plastics that don't sacrifice sophistication or style. Vinyl blinds, which are available in many colors and patterns, are also very durable and well suited to bathroom décor.

Weekend DIY Project - Build a Small Chicken Coop

Whether you have a large flock of chickens or plan to keep only a few birds, it is always best to build them a chicken house. Even if you decide to keep only a few birds, you will still have to build a small chicken coop. The coop will provide shelter to your birds and keep them safe from predators. Building a small chicken house can be a do-it-yourself project for the weekend.

Chickens need 3-5 square feet of space each. If they get too crowded, they could easily get sick. Determine how big your chicken house should be, based on the number of birds you are going to raise. Decide on the design of your coop and make a drawing of the plan. You can also look for a simple chicken coop design on the internet.

Go over the plan and make sure it is easy enough to follow and has all the necessary elements that a chicken pen should have. Even if you are only planning to build a small chicken coop, there are essential elements that must be present.

Make sure your chicken house design includes a nesting area with boxes. Four to five birds can share one box. Provide a roosting pole where the birds can perch while they sleep. You should be able to clean out the coop easily, and it should also be easy to collect the eggs.

Assemble all the materials you need to make the chicken coop before you start building. Visit secondhand shops and see if they have materials that you can use for your coop. Make sure your materials are sturdy enough to keep predators out.

Don't forget to have all the tools you will need to build the chicken pen at hand. By having all your materials and tools ready, you will be able to finish your work quickly. A small chicken coop is something you can build over the weekend and is a very cheap alternative to buying a pre-made hen house.

Budget Bedroom Updates

Fortunately, there are a ton of home accessories and decor ideas that can help you update your bedroom space on a budget.

Hand-Me-Downs and Antique Furnitures

One of the quickest and easiest ways to update a bedroom is through repainting or refinishing existing furnitures. A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference on worn dressers or tired nightstands.

If any of your bedroom furnitures have knobs, consider replacing the knobs with newer, more stylish knobs. Combining new knobs with a fresh coat of paint can make your old furnitures feel like brand new pieces, for a mere fraction of the cost of replacing those same pieces with new furnitures.

Update Your Wall Decor

Even if you don’t have the budget to go out and purchase all new wall decor pieces, consider rearranging the existing pieces you have. Simply rearranging the frames can give the room a fresh new look.

Another option you could consider is repainting the frames to help clean them up. Repainting the frames, even if you don’t rearrange them, can help breath new life into old, dull pieces.

Invest in New Light

Whether it be a new set of table lamps, new lamp shades or perhaps a new large scale oval mirror, consider incorporating new light into your space. Natural light can be reflected through mirrors, while artificial light is always a plus for creating a mood, especially in the evening hours.

Fresh Linens

The truth is, bed linens are expensive, especially if you have a queen or king sized bed. Therefore, it’s important to space out your bed linen purchases periodically so that way you don’t blow your entire budget all at once. Of course, investing in a new set of sheets or a few cute throw pillows for your bed can help spruce up a bedroom’s decor.

When it comes to updating the bedroom space, remember that there are a number of home accessories and decor items that you can incorporate into the space for relatively cheap. Keep your eye out for sales, clearance items and other bargain shopping scores to help update your space on a limited budget.