Weekend DIY Project - Build a Small Chicken Coop

Whether you have a large flock of chickens or plan to keep only a few birds, it is always best to build them a chicken house. Even if you decide to keep only a few birds, you will still have to build a small chicken coop. The coop will provide shelter to your birds and keep them safe from predators. Building a small chicken house can be a do-it-yourself project for the weekend.

Chickens need 3-5 square feet of space each. If they get too crowded, they could easily get sick. Determine how big your chicken house should be, based on the number of birds you are going to raise. Decide on the design of your coop and make a drawing of the plan. You can also look for a simple chicken coop design on the internet.

Go over the plan and make sure it is easy enough to follow and has all the necessary elements that a chicken pen should have. Even if you are only planning to build a small chicken coop, there are essential elements that must be present.

Make sure your chicken house design includes a nesting area with boxes. Four to five birds can share one box. Provide a roosting pole where the birds can perch while they sleep. You should be able to clean out the coop easily, and it should also be easy to collect the eggs.

Assemble all the materials you need to make the chicken coop before you start building. Visit secondhand shops and see if they have materials that you can use for your coop. Make sure your materials are sturdy enough to keep predators out.

Don't forget to have all the tools you will need to build the chicken pen at hand. By having all your materials and tools ready, you will be able to finish your work quickly. A small chicken coop is something you can build over the weekend and is a very cheap alternative to buying a pre-made hen house.