Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Architect

For the last 15 years or so it property programmes on the television have been really popular. This has matched an appetite in home owners to improve their property or move up the property ladder.

Programmes like Grand Designs show self-builders keen build the dream and shows like property ladder detail would be tycoons eager to capitalize on the interest in the property market. One common factor that is frequently depicted is the self-builder or property developer who chooses not to employ an architect for the duration of the build as a cost saving measure.

This can be a big mistake. The inevitable often happens as the featured developer or homeowner starts to see that their budget is spiraling out of control; it is over running in terms of the specified delivery date and the materials that turn up wasn't what they thought it would be.

Architects roles extend far beyond simply drawing up some plans and specifying materials to be used. Below are five reasons to hire an architect:


Architects have to train for seven years to qualify so they have significant experience designing buildings which allows them to create the best design for your project whether it is a single story extension or a whole new house. They know how spaces relate to each other and what materials will look good and work with other materials

2) Project Management

A good architect will also have strong project management skills. They will have a good understanding of the timings of each stage of the project, who is responsible for what and getting any materials and supplies to the site on time. This in itself can be a good reason along to hire an architect.


Controlling a budget is vitally important to make sure the project can be completed and overruns don’t cause compromises to be made in the design or the materials used. Making sure the contractors are thinking about the costs involved at every stage is something the architect will be on top of.


The architect will take time to understand the needs of your family and how you use your home. For example, where do you watch television? Do you like to cook and spend lots of time in the kitchen? Once they understand how you would bets use your home, they can style the best design for your lifestyle and include you in the design process.

5) Regulations and planning

One of the areas that the architect will have vast experience in is the planning permission process and any regulations that apply to your building or local authority. If you don’t consider this you can be setting yourself up for a big problem later on down the line.

Ultimately the architect or architectural designer will have the experience and skill to design your building project but will also be able to see it through to completion with minimal fuss and budget over runs. He will also be able to make sure the development doesn't fall foul of what is permitted for your home in your area. 

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