Customer Service: Best Service Brings More Business, New and Repeat

One cannot deny the fact that, customers today are more aware and well informed then they were ever before. Once word gets around about your excellent customer service, your business will see a massive spike in enquiries and possible sales. It can be incredibly valuable or extremely costly for any business. In fact, 80% of consumers agree that small companies actually place a greater emphasis on their customer services rather than the larger businesses according to the AMEX survey done in 2011. In general, a business generates more revenue and acquires more customers by taking care of the current customers. Surveys have shown customers are more willing to take repeat business with word-of-mouth marketing as t they feel cared for.

No denying that good customer service is the focus of any service. Offer promotions or slash the prices to get those customers coming back but honestly till you are not able to get those customers back, your business will be going down soon. So, excellent customer service is bringing the customers back and on a happy note- so when they leave they are happy enough to spread the word to other people who in turn will also want to try or buy the product or service.

What are the customer service best practices that can be employed by your business?

Building a good relationship with your customers is the key towards an outstanding customer service. Thanking your customers and promoting positive, friendly and helpful environment ensures they will leave with a good impression and a happy customer will always want to return. In order to be able to provide the No.1 customer service, you should follow the customer service best practicesinvolving:

·         Know what terms as excellent customer service in their view
·         Take time out to find out your customer’s expectations
·         Follow them up on both negative and positive feedbacks
·         Ensure considering the use of customer service in all business aspects
·         Always be on the lookout for improving the level of your business

And, to have an excellent customer relationship you require to:

·         Be able to greet the customers and approach them in the most natural way possible
·         Show the customer you understand their needs
·         Accept if the customer does not want your product or service

Look at this formula-customer experience + incredible service= the customer is comfortable and is willing to purchase more in the future. Now is this formula rocket science? No, and the reason is crystal clear. When the customer gets support and education on the product or service by a trained and excellent customer sales executive, they feel confident and have the will to come back.